Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sussex Drinker

There are five CAMRA branches in Sussex: Western Sussex, Arun & Adur, North Sussex, Brighton and South Downs, South East Sussex. The official ‘public face’ of the Sussex Branches of CAMRA is their quarterly magazine and campaigning tool, Sussex Drinker. The magazine is edited by my good self The Quaffer, designed by Andy Shaw of the CAMRA National Executive and produced by Neil Richards MBE of Matelot Marketing.

The editorial policy of the Sussex Drinker is to highlight, celebrate and promote to as wide and audience as possible the positive developments in the Real Ale scene in Sussex. And we are experiencing some exciting new developments. New micro-breweries continue to open up in our county and we now have our first micro-pub in Sussex – Anchored in Worthing - with others at the planning stage. But it is also the task of the Sussex Drinker to campaign against misguided measures that pose a threat to real ale, the pubs and clubs that serve it and the livelihood of those who work in the industry sector.

To meet rising demand our circulation has risen in the last four years from 5000 to 13250 while the number of pages has increased in the same period from 32 to 60. The editor personally distributes 1400 copies of the magazine outside the county boundaries - into London, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire - and is proud to say that it compares favourably with the vast majority of CAMRA branch magazines in the UK. Our regular features include comprehensive pub and brewery news, a Bus to the Pub Programme supporting the use of public transport, a History and Heritage article, Star behind the Bar, and our Cider House Notes pages. Pictured is the front cover of the current autumn issue. Our forthcoming winter issue, No. 76, is due for delivery on November 7th.

The Sussex Drinker has its own Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sussex-Drinker/200356663336203?ref=hl

Part and present issue can also be viewed and downloaded on PDF files at http://www.aaa-camra.org.uk/Sussex%20Drinker/Sussex%20Drinker.html

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