Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Miles Jenner, Master of the Brewers’ Company 2015/16

Miles Jenner, Head Brewer and Joint Managing Director of Harveys, Lewes, has been installed as Master of the Brewers’ Company in London. The London company received its first Royal Charter in 1438: it is now fourteenth in order of precedence among the City’s one hundred and ten Livery Companies. Miles Jenner said, “It is a tremendous honour to have been elected Master. I am immensely proud of the brewing industry and will represent it to the best of my ability in the year ahead.” He succeeds James Arkell, Chairman of Arkell’s Brewery in Wiltshire.

Livery companies, or Guilds as they are often known, have been part of the social and commercial fabric of Europe since medieval times. Originally founded to protect the interests of various trades, they now flourish as charitable patrons, promoters of industry and guardians of heritage and tradition. The Brewers’ Company remains close to its trade, actively supporting the brewing industry and education in brewing. It has a major philanthropic role as trustee to substantial charitable trust funds supporting two schools, multiple other educational initiatives and a number of almshouses.

In a tradition dating back many years, it is customary for the Master to supply beer to Brewers’ Hall during his year of office. It was Harvey’s 1957 Ford Thames delivery truck - painstakingly restored in Harveys’ colours of the time - that duly travelled through the City and delivered the first casks.

Thank you to Miles Jenner for the photographs.

Below is the Incoming Master and Mistress of the Brewers’ Company (Miles and Sally Jenner) with outgoing Master and Mistress (James and Cally Arkell).

Harveys beer is delivered to Brewers' Hall (Miles Jenner and Les Wooton).

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