Monday, 13 April 2015

Brick House Requiem

I drank Brick House Requiem at the Brighton Beer Dispensary on 11th April. This bottle-conditioned, session-strength IPA is brewed by Gavin McCusker of Brick House, a brand-new UK brewery in Patcham, Brighton. Thank you to Theresa, the very knowledgeable bartender at the Dispensary, for accepting my invitation to join me in a sampling session. These are our tasting notes. The beer poured clearly and cleanly with a thin white head and an amber body that turned straw-gold when held to the light. Apricot and passion fruits dominated the aroma, followed by grassy notes and a spicy and peppery hop zing. Full bodied for a 4.0% beer, there was good carbonation and a nice malt-hop balance in the initial fruity taste. Citrus hops then came to the fore leading to a satisfyingly dry finish.

This is a very promising debut, testified to by the fact that the cask version has been selling out very quickly at other local venues.

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