Monday, 2 March 2015

Havant Brewery February Newsletter

The following is a monthly newsletter from my friends at the Havant Brewery, Hampshire. 

Hi All

Welcome to the first Newsletter of 2015. We have been trying to get one out earlier, but we have just caught up from Christmas! We have new beers planned for this year, the first being BA LA, Black And Lagered Ale, already available. The date is set for our open day, 18th April, and we have other events planned in the brewery for this year.

So here goes ...

Open Day

This year we will have 6 different beers to try and then its only £2 per pint. Mike will be doing brewery tours throughout the day in-amongst the Victory Morris Men entertaining us with their dancing and singing and Strumdiddlyumptious Ukulele Band rocking the joint. This year we will also have The Burrito Man onsite for when you get hungry. The same as last year soft drinks are available for drivers and Children, all free of charge. Free entry, come and see us and have a good day. Saturday 18th April, 11am-4pm.

New Beers

BA LA Black And Lagered Ale, is a Schwartz style black lager with at least 6 weeks lagering (storage) to its credit. It has a clean, neutral flavour with smoky, roasted notes. Hops are clean and fresh and build to a lasting crescendo. 4.3%. Available in casks now and will be in bottles by the beginning of March. Will be at our open day.

A HA Amber Hoppy Ale. No other details yet except we are aiming for a 3.7% hoppy ale. Will be at our open day.

Havant 50 A 5% Golden Ale. This is a very special ale for us as we are brewing it to celebrate, as both of us have a big birthday this year. (No prizes for guessing). More details to follow and will be at our open day.

Bottled Beers

For March / April we have the following bottled Beers (while stocks last).

Havant Decided
3.8% ABV, Traditional Pale Ale; Clean, Crisp & Dry with a Floral bouquet.

Havant Dropped
3.8% ABV, Red Autumn Ale; Clean, Crisp, Dry with a fruity background. Only a few remaining.

Havant Started
4.0% ABV, Best Bitter; Fresh & zingy with strong malt overtones.

Havant Herd
4.2% ABV, Milk Stout; Dark, rich, smooth, velvety stout. Only a few remaining.

Havant Finished
5.0% ABV, Extra Special Bitter; Toffee, Coffee, Crisp.

4.3% ABV, Black And Lagered Ale; Available from 9th March

Havant Winter Brew
4.3% ABV, Dark Amber Beer; Lightly hopped, infused with Ginger & Whiskey. Only a few remaining.

Both Havant 50 and A HA will also be in bottles around the end of March.

Shop opening hours

Until the end of March the shop will be open the following hours:
Thursday & Friday 12noon till 4pm
Saturday 10am till 2pm
Also for those of you waiting we now have our brewery pint glasses back in stock.

And finally

That’s all for now folks. Hopefully we will see you at our open day. Bye for now. Cheers.
Mike & Caroline

PS. when visiting the Brewery, please use the Tanneries car park, turn right just after the mini roundabout (if you carry on the end of the road is blocked off). Ignore the parking signs, if you are visiting us there is no problem. Visitor’s parking spaces are numbers 1 to 4 and any unoccupied red parking space.

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