Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Anchor Springs Yard Arm

Undoubtedly my favourite real ale from this Littlehampton brewery, it is sad to report that the brewing of Yard Arm has been indefinitely suspended. This seasonal, speciality beer, 4.3% ABV, 1046° OG, appeared with considerably success at regional beer festivals, but brewery owner Kevin Jenkins never really saw it fit comfortably within his pub portfolio of best-sellers.

That is probably why I have no permanent pump clip image to offer.

In the interest of recording Yard Arm for posterity, it was brewed in the autumn and winter months using Pale, Crystal, Amber and Chocolate malts. Target was the bittering hop, EKG in the middle, Cascade and Fuggles were used for aroma with vanilla pods added to the boil.

Dark copper-coloured and full-bodied, well-balanced between vanilla sweetness and bitter chocolate, this complex beer had a pronounced yet subtle vanilla end note at the back of the mouth.

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